About the Victorian Heart Hospital

As a Monash Health hospital, the Victorian Heart Hospital is uniquely positioned to provide tailored cardiovascular care for all Victorians, and specialised life-saving procedures for our community.

Located in Clayton and near to Monash Medical Centre, our cardiac teams in the Victorian Heart Hospital have ready access to world-leading expertise in obstetrics, nephrology, intensive care, and many other specialties. For patients with health issues beyond heart disease, this close proximity and shared networks allow for the best possible care.

As Australia’s first dedicated cardiac hospital, the Victorian Heart Hospital includes a full range of ambulatory and inpatient cardiac care, including cardiac theatres, cardiac catheterisation laboratories and ambulatory services such as cardiac CT, echocardiography and specialist consultation.

The hospital is delivered in partnership with the Victorian Government, the Victorian Health Building Authority, and Monash University.

Care at the VHH

Monash Health Heart is the unified cross-site cardiology service of Monash Health located at Monash Medical Centre, Dandenong Hospital and Casey Hospital. It is Victoria’s busiest cardiac service, providing nearly 100,000 episodes of cardiac care each year and treating more emergency heart attack cases than any other provider.

The Victorian Heart Hospital itself has been carefully designed to enhance the patient’s experience. Patients can expect a warm, open environment with natural light and ready access to landscaped outdoor spaces and café spaces. This less-clinical approach aligns with considerable research showing that a lighter, more open hospital environment can positively impact clinical outcomes.

With an increased capacity for cardiac care, the hospital aims to provide significant benefits in patient care by reducing:

  • the average length-of-stay, so patients are able to safely recover at home sooner
  • waiting times for non-urgent procedures
  • the need to transfer between sites or units

Education and research at the VHH

Students and educators will benefit from being located at Monash University’s Clayton Campus, one of the world’s leading universities.

Monash University enrolls more than 70,000 students per year and is one of Australia’s largest providers of education and training for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals, offering a wide range of programs across all areas of health.

Education programs at the Victorian Heart Hospital will bring together students and educators from medical, nursing, engineering, and pharmaceutical fields, as well as providing students with access to cutting-edge technology through the University’s engineering and IT departments.

The Victorian Heart Hospital’s education programs will be integrated into the research and education community at the Clayton campus.

Cardiac health continues to develop and evolve at a remarkable rate, so the Victorian Heart Hospital will have a major focus on the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors. This will ensure our service and our people are capable of identifying the most pressing clinical needs, and that they are equipped with the knowledge, resources, and networks to address those needs.

Meet Professor Stephen Nicholls

Director, Victorian Heart Institute
Professor of Cardiology, Monash University

Steve is excited about the new hospital’s multidisciplinary team – a balance of senior established clinicians and researchers and early healthcare professionals – who will become leaders of the future.

Professor Nicholls’ research broadly focuses on developing new strategies to reduce the risk of heart disease, involving translational research spanning preclinical, human, and clinical trials.

He has extensive academic and industry collaborations, having raised more than $160 million in research funding and has written more than 1,000 manuscripts, book chapters, and conference proceedings.

In 2022, Professor Nicholls was appointed President of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand.

Learn more about research at the Victorian Heart Hospital.