How a return to a fast-paced clinical setting was the right fit for Trung Nguyen

Ever since Registered Nurse Trung Nguyen stepped away from his position in our Casey Emergency Department, he’s been yearning to get back into a fast-paced clinical environment.

So when a vacancy popped up in the Monash Heart Catheterisation Laboratory (Cath Lab), Trung knew this would be the perfect opportunity to continue growing his clinical career.

“After I resigned from the ED I went to work in one of the vaccination centres for a few months, but I really wanted to come back to a clinical setting so I applied to work in the Cath Lab,” he said.

“I really missed the acute setting and the fast-paced nature, and I wanted to expand my knowledge, so I thought I’d give this area a go to see if it would be a good fit for me.”

Trung couldn’t have fit more effortlessly into the team and has already become a much-loved and valued colleague in just under six months.

Knowing that his new team and role would be eventually moving over to the Victorian Heart Hospital made the decision to apply an easy one.

“I was very keen to know what was going to happen with the vision of the new hospital, and I knew it would mean there would be a lot of opportunities and growth for me,” Trung said.

“I’m really excited to be a part of something really big.”

The Cath Lab assists with the diagnosis of many different heart conditions through an array of specialised diagnostic procedures utilising sophisticated imaging equipment, such as X-ray or ultrasound.

“The Cath Lab at the Victorian Heart Hospital is going to be a much bigger space, and we’re going to have about five or six labs, where we now only have three,” Trung said.

“With more space and better technology, we will have the capacity to look after more people from now on.”

The Registered Nurse said he’d found a passion for heart health through his new role.

“When you look at the heart, the arteries inside it are very tiny and very fascinating, and the tiniest thing can cause a lot of problems within it, and I love that we can help fix those problems,” he said.

“When you actually see the before and after images you think, wow, we can do that much good with tiny procedures – open heart surgery is no longer needed for everything anymore.”

Trung said if you’re looking to work in a team that really looks after each other, you should absolutely apply to join the Cath Lab nursing team.

“If you’re a person who enjoys a fast-paced environment and you want to be in a great team then just apply,” he said.

“It will be a good challenge; it will be rewarding and you’ll learn a lot from it.”

To learn more about career opportunities at the Victorian Heart Hospital, visit our Careers page.