Support Services team to be ‘heartbeat’ of new Victorian Heart Hospital

Valerie Villinger stands in front of an industrial washing machine. She is placing some washing inside the drum while smiling at the camera.

For newly appointed Victorian Heart Hospital General Services Manager Valerie Villinger, there’s only one rule for her team: you’re never allowed to say you’re “just a cleaner”. 

“They are the heartbeat of Monash Health. People often forget about us, but we all have the power to make someone’s day and make them smile,” she said. 

“Support Services runs through the middle of every single area of the hospital, from the public areas, the wards, the emergency department, the car park, the offices and more.” 

From giving patients their meals, cleaning bathrooms, and doing bin runs, our Support Services team will often have lots of patient interactions, Valerie said.  

“It might only be two minutes out of our day, but it can be all the difference to them.” 

Valerie, who was previously the General Services Manager at the Kingston Centre, said she couldn’t wait to start building a new team from the ground up in her new role at the Victorian Heart Hospital (VHH). 

“It’s both exciting and daunting,” she said. 

“I want my team at the VHH to be leaders, to be multi-skilled and be able to step into any role and any department, so we’ll have cross-training and succession plans in place to make that happen. 

“I want to make sure my team can learn from each other and is given lots of opportunities to grow.”

Valerie Villinger stands in a hallway holding a Dyson Vaccum Cleaner. She is wearing black glasses and a navy cardigan, and is smiling at the camera.

General Services Manager Valerie Villinger is often seen out on the floor helping support her team.

Within her role, Valerie is responsible for managing the Environmental Services Assistants and Patient Services Assistants, who help manage all waste, linen sharps, public spaces, ordering, patient transport and assisting with ward-based support. 

Valerie herself started as an Environmental Services Assistant at the Kingston Centre before joining our management team, giving her a unique understanding of the work required from her team. 

“We’re all part of this team, so I’ll often help out on the floor when we’re busy,” she said. 

“Even though it might not be in my job description, I still like to get my hands dirty.” 

The new Support Services team at the VHH also has had the unique opportunity to help shape what the department looks like at the new site. 

“We’ll be taking their feedback and input on board as they set up the space,” Valerie said. 

“There was three weeks of orientation and training, so our employees were well supported and could see, look, feel and touch the new site before getting started. 

“It’s a great opportunity to learn and be a part of a great team.” 

Roles at the Victorian Heart Hospital are closing soon. To grow your career at Australia’s first dedicated cardiac hospital and have the chance to be a part of Valerie’s team, visit our careers website and apply today!